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Unlocking the Apartment 'Warehouse'

Jul 16, 2009

Photo by Joel Cook Housing advocates and East Harlem residents rallied March 17 outside a vacant building on Madison Avenue. The action was meant to bring attention to warehoused property that

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Gold from the Faucet

May 13, 2009

Photo (cc) Shannon K On the edge of Newtown Creek, which separates Brooklyn and Queens, eight giant egg shaped structures emit a blue glow into the night. But the complex is

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Chinatown Looks for a Way to Survive and Thrive

Apr 20, 2009

Photo (cc) woohoo A second-generation Chinatown native, Willie Rosado longs for the old neighborhood feeling of Chinatown. He misses getting a roast pork bun down the street where everybody knew everybody. "It

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Home Shops: 'One Stop' on the Road to Foreclosure

Apr 06, 2009

Photo (cc) woodleywonderworks Haydee Sanchez first learned about United Homes of New York in 2001. While riding the F train on her daily commute to her job on the Upper West

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Small Business: Suffering in Good Times and Bad

Mar 20, 2009

Photo (c) Gotham Gazette Restaurants and small businesses are folding along Prospect Avenue. You only have to walk along any city commercial strip to notice the myriad of "for rent" signs. They

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Offering New Businesses a Place to Grow

Feb 26, 2009

To view our community incubator Google map, click here To add to the map, go here When Michael Bloomberg was fired from Salomon Brothers in 1981, he used the opportunity to

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Confronting the Condo Glut

Feb 23, 2009

Photo adapted from Brownstoner The Oro Condos in downtown brooklyn When the Oro Condominiums building in Downtown Brooklyn was still under construction in 2007, the Brooklyn Paper branded it as a "deluxe

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Bike Lanes Run into Opposition

Feb 09, 2009

Photo by Konstantin Sergeyev Protesters showed up in clown suits. Their opponents threatened to barricade a major thoroughfare with school buses. A respected community board member was fired from her leadership

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Can Private Methods Save Public Housing?

Dec 09, 2008

 Photo (cc) minusbabyWhat's the future of NYCHA? Tino Hernandez, who recently resigned after seven years as chairman of the New York City Housing Authority, was a low-key figure who competently steered


Working for a Greener Harlem

Nov 27, 2008

Photo (c) WE ACT Since the late '80s, environmental activist group WE ACT has been working to improve environmental health in northern Manhattan. Here, they partner with Community Board 9 to

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