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Cleaning Up an Agency and an Accident

Mar 24, 2008

Photo courtesy of AllWaysNY.com In my East Side and midtown Manhattan district you will find giant cranes and new high-rise buildings on nearly a third of the densely populated blocks --


The City Responds to the Foreclosure Crisis

Mar 07, 2008

As a flurry of foreclosure papers blasts New York from Wall Street to Myrtle Avenue, anxious homeowners are flocking to community organizations for relief. They're hoping for someone to walk

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Court Rules Tenants Can't Waive Their Protections

Feb 28, 2008

When a landlord and a pair of tenants enter an agreement that works for both sides but happens to be illegal, combat and litigation are sure to follow. And now

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Housing Market Faces Anxiety from Many Sources

Feb 27, 2008

In February, the Rent Guidelines Board announces its schedule of meetings, the annual deliberations that mark the signal event for New Yorkers living in the city's largest stock of affordable

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The Race to Develop a Toxic Waterway

Feb 19, 2008

Photo courtesy of Jim in Times Square. The Gowanus Canal in south Brooklyn at the center of a formerly active industrial area once bustled with ocean-going ships. Today, it bustles with

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Stated Meeting: Housing Discrimination

Feb 04, 2008

Finding an apartment in New York City is a challenge. Finding one with a Section 8 voucher or a Social Security check can be far more difficult. A simple search on

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A Campaign to Strengthen Housing Laws

Jan 31, 2008

Unified as perhaps never before, housing advocates have come together to launch a major campaign to change the state's housing laws. They call it the Real Rent Reform Campaign, a

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Setting Standards for Green Neighborhoods

Jan 09, 2008

Recent successes with green buildings have spurred new efforts to make whole neighborhoods more sustainable and environmentally friendly. But is the attempt to develop a "green neighborhood" stamp of approval

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Expanding Wi-Fi Beyond Manhattan

Jan 08, 2008

Municipal wireless may be struggling in other cities, but New York City's Wi-Fi cloud is growing steadily. In addition to the fee-based access points in Starbucks, McDonald's and other venues,

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Daniel Doctoroff's Legacy

Dec 11, 2007

Daniel Doctoroff, the energetic and affable deputy mayor for economic development and rebuilding, announced in early December that he is resigning after six years in that post. The press and

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