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Harnessing Change in Bed-Stuy

Nov 21, 2007

Bedford-Stuyvesant is back. Or so it seems. With 34.5 percent of the population living in poverty, an unemployment rate nearly twice that of New York City and some of the

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Stated Meeting: Preserving Neighborhoods

Oct 30, 2007

Residents of two very different neighborhoods can look to the City Council this week with either appreciation or dismay after it approved a landmark designation for the private courts and row houses

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Paying the Price for Living in New York

Oct 22, 2007

It was another $52 worth of groceries for Vann Williams and another four days of food on the table in his East Village apartment. A born and bred New

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Cleaning Up New York’s Buildings

Oct 15, 2007

When Mayor Michael Bloomberg visited London earlier this month to talk with Mayor Ken Livingstone about that city’s congestion plan, he slept in his own bed in the

Burial Ground Bears Witness to a Segregated City

Oct 12, 2007

After 16 years of planning, research, excavation and development, New Yorkers recently celebrated the opening of the African Burial Ground Memorial in lower Manhattan. Speakers including

Along the Shore, A Turning Point

Oct 05, 2007

Nearly 400 years ago Henry Hudson sailed into New York Harbor. In the centuries that followed, the harbor and waterways of New York and New Jersey were the front door

Taking Stock of New York’s Housing

Oct 03, 2007

Every year, the Furman Center at NYU peruses 1,800 types of data from more than a dozen different sources to compile its report on the State of New York City

Making Coney Island Green

Sep 19, 2007

Photo by: Herb Bar-David. The city took a step toward sustaining historic Coney Island this summer when it put a roadblock in front of a $1.5 billion plan by

Will the Sub-Prime Crisis Reach Manhattan?

Sep 10, 2007

The current crisis in the sub-prime mortgage market has pundits wondering what the effect of the turmoil in the financial markets could be. Will it result in a