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Court Limits Aid to Aged and Disabled

May 26, 2009

Photo (cc) Cobalt123 Twenty aged, blind or otherwise disabled New Yorkers sued seeking supplemental local benefits to make up for federal benefits they cannot receive because they are legal residents of


The Regressive Effects of a Sale Tax Increase

May 19, 2009

The one big change in Mayor Michael Bloomberg's executive budget for fiscal year 2010 is his proposed increase in the city sales tax from 4.0 percent to 4.5 percent, double


Bloomberg's Budget Revival

May 04, 2009

If Mayor Michael Bloomberg's fiscal year 2010 budget proposal were a Broadway show, the sales tax would be headlining. Not far down the marquee, you might see $3.4 billion worth


A Cliffhanger for New York's Film Industry

May 04, 2009

Photo (cc) MacRonin47 The Law & Order series has been a staple in the "Made in NY" campaign of the Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre & Broadcasting. Once a source of excitement,


Why Property Taxes Rise While Real Estate Falls

Apr 27, 2009

Left photo (cc) archivalproject, right photo (cc) skittlbrau In the midst of the New York's budget woes, one bright note has been the steady revenue flowing from the city's biggest tax,


Breaking the Feast or Famine Tax Cycle

Apr 06, 2009

Photo by Gotham Gazette It's the tax season, and millions of working, poor New Yorkers are catching up on their bills. Whether it's paying for rent, childcare or groceries, tax time


What the State Budget Means for the City

Apr 01, 2009

Sen. Eric Schneiderman of Manhattan could have been celebrating on Monday. The budget deal reached over the weekend included two major policy victories for him: reform of the Rockefeller drug


Keeping New York Afloat

Mar 23, 2009

Photo by Gotham Gazette Flash-forward a decade and what do you think New York City will look like? Will we still be the financial capital? Will tourism, retail and Wall Street be


Finance for the Future

Mar 23, 2009

Also this week: Main Street New York: Struggling Businesses Look for Help, an original Gotham Gazette audio slideshow. Using Tax Incentives Wisely by Bettina Damiani, project director,