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A School Spending Plan

Jan 23, 2006

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Improving School Food

Jan 17, 2006

Kids have been complaining about school food for as long as schools have had cafeterias. But in the past two years, the Department of Education has made it a priority to improve the


Arts Education

Nov 29, 2005

The principal of St. Nicholas School in the Bronx makes it clear what she thinks of arts education when one of her teachers enters her office unbidden. “Who’s watching your class?”


School Choice, School Confusion

Nov 28, 2005

Upper West Side parents seeking to enroll their children in elementary or middle school have long run a gauntlet of confusing application procedures, and this year is no different. Parents who want their child


Charter Schools

Nov 14, 2005

The school playground is cramped, the day is bleak and chilly, but the kindergarten students are having fun, and one boy in particular resists going back inside. "You haven't


Underfunding City University

Oct 24, 2005

With nearly a quarter of a million students of diverse backgrounds, the City University of New York is one of the larger -- and certainly one of the broadest-based --


The School Admissions Scramble

Oct 13, 2005

Unlike eighth graders in most parts of the country, New York City students must apply to go to high school – and not just Stuyvesant or LaGuardia Arts or the other well-known specialized


The New New Math, And Some Old Debates Renewed

Sep 29, 2005

Baby boomers with bad memories of learning “new math” in elementary school can be forgiven if they get an unpleasant feeling of deja vu when confronted with their children’s arithmetic homework. As Tom