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Making High Schools Smaller

Nov 15, 2004

  For years, despite its prime location near Lincoln Center, Martin Luther King Jr. High School symbolized much of what ails New York City high schools. Under 50 percent of


Student Drug Use; Also: Middle School Confusion

Oct 28, 2004

 The tragic death of Lewis Dvorkin, a 15-year-old sophomore at the elite Bronx High School of Science who died of a heroin overdose at his Manhattan home in September, has raised concerns among


The Money Crunch in Higher Education

Sep 28, 2004

  Related: • Educating All New Yorkers at CUNY • New York as College Town Despite brick-and-mortar signs of renewal, there is a quiet crisis in higher education in New York


New York As College Town

Sep 27, 2004

  The Purpose Of Higher Education In 1753, a year before the creation of King's College, the oldest of New York's educational institutions (since renamed Columbia University), William Livingston


Educating All New Yorkers at CUNY

Sep 27, 2004

Related: • The Permanent Recession in Higher Education • New York as College Town As New York’s public university – and the largest urban university in the country –


School Funding and the Special Masters

Sep 22, 2004

 When New York City's public schools reopened this month, hundreds of thousands of its nearly 1.1 million students returned to overcrowded, poorly equipped schools with inexperienced teachers and outdated textbooks.


Connecting Education and Voting

Aug 16, 2004

  MTV's Rock the Vote campaign attempts to motivate young voters The Youth Vote Efforts to get out the youth vote this year range from the perennial


Cloning A Charter School From Connecticut

Aug 03, 2004

 As part of his plan to open 50 charter schools in New York City over the next five years, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has invited a successful Connecticut charter


Urban Issues: Education

Jul 26, 2004

 URBAN ISSUES - EDUCATION • Higher Education • No Child Left Behind • Vouchers


School Trips Go Commercial

Jul 06, 2004

 In the final weeks of the school year, nobody feels like working hard. That could be why lawmakers in Albany left for vacation without agreeing on a way to provide