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Improving The Schools

Jul 29, 2002

In 1842, New York City created its first board of education. In 2002, Mayor Michael Bloomberg got it abolished. He then appointed seven members to a new educational policy panel,

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Albany's Sway Over City Schools

Jul 01, 2002

When it comes to their children's education, New Yorkers must just as often look to Albany as to City Hall to seek solutions or place blame for problems. State lawmakers

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School Deals Near

Jun 01, 2002

A deal is reportedly in place that will give Mayor Michael Bloomberg authority over the city's public schools, and responsibility for them. A teacher's contract should soon follow. Indeed, things

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School Control

May 20, 2002

Everybody in New York seems to be talking about mayoral control of the schools these days, as if it were one of the most pressing issues in public education. In

School Building: Part 2

May 06, 2002

SELF INFLICTED WOUNDS The State Legislature created the School Construction Authority in 1988 to design and build schools. The Board of EducationĂŞs Division of School Facilities had had this responsibility and,

School Building

May 06, 2002

In Midwood High School in Brooklyn, some 4,000 teenagers crowd into a building designed in 1940 for 2,300, forcing the school to schedule classes in three overlapping shifts. Some students

Community School Boards' Uncertain Future

May 01, 2002

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been lobbying hard to get rid of both the central Board of Education and the 32 local school boards. It seems clear that the Board of

To Test or Not To Test?

Apr 01, 2002

Students at two alternative New York City public schools recently joined a small but growing national protest against high-stakes testing by boycotting the state-administered eighth-grade exams. In the belief that

Epic: An Experiment In Arts Education

Jan 01, 2002

What are the arts for? What do they do? These are loaded questions, implying that the arts should provide tangible benefits in order to justify their existence. But how do you

Higher Education, Lower Budget

Nov 19, 2001

Like nearly every institution in New York, the City University of New York was damaged by the events of September 11. There were 111 students or alumni from John Jay