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The Edison Election

Mar 26, 2001

"Team excellence," reads the wall mural outside Jackie Robinson Middle School (MS 320) in Crown Heights. "Students and Teachers Working Together." To underscore the message, pictures of the baseball hero

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The Edison Schools Controversy

Feb 01, 2001

In the latest development in the saga of who will control five of the city's worst schools, Chancellor Harold O. Levy has given parents two extra weeks to weigh information

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School Boards

Nov 13, 2000

If you're seeking confusing ballots, narrow margins of victory, and hand-counted votes,look no further than the contests for New York City's 32 community school boards. It takes weeks to get

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School Funding

Sep 04, 2000

This week, Jesse Robinson, a 1999 graduate of Oberlin College, who is starting her second year as a math teacher at Junior High School 145 in the Bronx, was thinking

The Teachers' Contract

Sep 01, 2000

One hundred fifty thousand New York City children do not have certified teachers because of a severe and mounting teacher shortage in the city. The question is, is New York City

Board of Education Hosts Student Performers

May 01, 2000

In The News: (may '00) The Board of Education hardly springs to mind when one thinks of New York City cultural institutions. But every Monday for one idyllic hour this most

Marisol Update: Prospects are Grim

Apr 01, 2000

 In its most recent report, released March 10, a panel of national experts painted a grim picture of front line social work practice in New York City's foster care system,

School Vouchers

Jan 10, 2000

THE LOWDOWN: After condemning the NYC public schools last April as a system that "should be blown up," Mayor Giuliani included $12 million in his budget for school vouchers. His school

State of the State

Jan 01, 2000

 Governor George E. Pataki surprised New York City schools advocates with a series of education proposals in his January 2000 State of the State address aimed at expanding the State's

Better Late Than Never

Nov 01, 1999

 New York State's budget, finally passed in early August. It includes new desperately-needed statewide funding for day care for poor working families, adding $162 million dollars to the $460 million