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Contested Races

by Gotham Gazette Staff, Nov 06, 2006

Guide to Party Abbreviations:

C = Conservative D = Democrat FDM = Freedom Party
I = Independence L = Liberal LBT = Libertarian
RVC = Rising Voices Coalition R = Republican WF = Working Families

(Incumbents in bold)


District 7 (Queens, Bronx)
Kevin Brawley (R,C)
Joseph Crowley (D,WF)
District 8 (Brooklyn, Manhattan)
Dennis E. Adornato (C)
Eleanor Friedman (R)
Jerrold L. Nadler (D, WF)
District 10 (Brooklyn)
Jonathan H. Anderson (R)
Ernest Johnson (C)
Edolphus Towns (D)
District 11(Brooklyn)
Marianna Blume (C)
Yvette D. Clark (D,WF)
Steven Finger (R,LBT)
Ollie M. McClean (FDM)
District 12 (Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens)
Allan Romaguera (R,C)
Nydia M. Velazquez (D,WF)
District 13 (Brooklyn, Staten Island)
Vito Fossella (R,C,I)
Stephen A. Harrison (D,WF)
District 14 (Manhattan, Queens)
Danniel Maio (R)
Carolyn B. Maloney (D,WF,I)
District 15 (Bronx, Manhattan, Queens)
Edward Daniels (R)
Charles B. Rangel (D,WF)
District 16 (Bronx)
Ali Mohamed (R,C)
Jose E. Serrano (D,WF)
District 17 (Bronx)
Eliot L. Engel (D,WF)
Jim Faulkner (R,C,I)


District 22 (Queens)
Christopher M. Migliaccio (R,C)
Ellen Young (D,I)
District 23 (Queens)
Stuart W. Mirsky (R,C, I)
Audrey I. Pheffer (D,WF)
District 25 (Queens)
Morshed Alam (R)
Rory I. Lancman (D,WF)
District 27 (Queens)
Walter A. Lamp (C)
Nettie Mayersohn (D,I)
District 28 (Queens)
Andrew D. Hevesi (D,WF)
Dolores Maddis (R,C)
District 31 (Queens)
Michael Duvalle (I)
Michele R. Titus (D,WF)
District 40 (Brooklyn)
Diane Gordon (D)
Godfrey Jelks (R,C)
District 41(Brooklyn)
Jack Benton (R)
Johnathan Testaverde (C)
Helene E. Weinstein (D,WF)
District 42(Brooklyn)
Rhoda S. Jacobs (D)
Harriet Katz (R)
District 43(Brooklyn)
Karim Camara (D,WF)
Kenneth E. Cook (R,C)
District 44(Brooklyn)
James F. Brennan (D,WF)
Yvette Valazquez Bennett (R,C)
District 46 (Brooklyn)
Alec Brook-Krasny (D,WF)
Patricia B. Laudano (R,C)
District 47 (Brooklyn)
Phyllis Carbo (R,C)
William Colton (D,WF)
District 48 (Brooklyn)
Dov Hikind (D,R)
Herbert F. Ryan (C)
District 49 (Brooklyn)
Peter J. Abbate Jr. (D,WF)
Lucretia Regina-Potter (R,C)
District 50 (Brooklyn)
Joseph R. Lentol (D)
Richard Trainer (R,C)
District 51 (Brooklyn)
Washington G. Artus (R,C)
Felix W. Ortiz (D)
District 52 (Brooklyn)
Rosemarie Markgraf (R,C)
Joan L. Millman (D,WF)
District 53 (Brooklyn)
Ameriar Feliciano (R,C)
Vito J. Lopez (D,WF)
District 54 (Brooklyn)
Khorshed Chowdhury (R,C)
Darryl C. Towns (D,WF)
District 55 (Brooklyn)
William F. Boyland Jr. (D,WF)
Rose Laney (R)
District 57 (Brooklyn)
Hakeem Jeffries (D,WF)
Henry P. Weinstein (R,C)
District 58 (Brooklyn)
Robert Gaffney (C)
N. Nick Perry (D,WF)
District 59 (Brooklyn)
Alan N. Maisel (D)
Stephen Walters (C)
District 60 (Brooklyn, Staten Island)
D. Janele Hyer- Spencer (D,WF,I)
Anthony Xanthakis (R,C)
District 61(Staten Island)
John W. Lavelle (D,WF)
Rose Margarella (R)
District 63(Staten Island)
Michael J. Cusick (D,C,WF, I)
Victor A. Grossman (R)
District 64 (Manhattan)
Michael A. Imperiale (R,C)
Sheldon Silver (D,WF)
District 65 (Manhattan)
Michael Fandal (R)
Alexander B. Pete Grannis (D,WF)
District 67 (Manhattan)
Theodore Howard (R)
Linda B. Rosenthal (D,WF)
District 68 (Manhattan)
Adam Clayton Powell IV (D,WF)
Dean L. Velasco (R,C,I)
District 71 (Manhattan)
Glenda Allen (R)
Herman D. Farrell Jr. (D)
District 72
Francesca Castellanos (RVC)
Martin Chicon (R,I)
Adriano Espaillat (D)
District 73 (Manhattan)
Jonathan L. Bing (D,WF)
Robert Heim (R,I)
District 74 (Manhattan)
Sylvia M. Friedman (WF)
Brian P. Kavanagh (D)
Frank J. Scala ( R)
District 76 (Bronx)
Peter M. Rivera (D,WF)
Steven Stern (R,C)
District 77(Bronx)
Anthony Curry (C)
Aurelia Greene (D,WF)
Kathleen B. Larkins (R)
District 78 (Bronx)
Jose Rivera(D)
William J. Sullivan (R,C)
District 79 (Bronx)
Michael A. Benjamin (D)
Sharon L. Grady (R,C)
District 80 (Bronx)
Frank Olivo (R)
Naomi Rivera (D)
Joseph A. Thompson (C)
District 81 (Bronx)
Steve Bradian (C)
Jeffrey Dinowitz (D,WF)
District 82 (Bronx)
Michael R. Benedetto (D,WF)
Raymond Capone (R,C)
District 83 (Bronx)
Trevor Archer (GRE)
Willie Bowman (R,C)
Carl E. Heastie (D,WF)
District 84 (Bronx)
Harry Almodovar (C)
Carmen E. Arroyo (D)
David Rosado (R)
District 85 (Bronx)
Ruben Diaz Jr. (D)
William J. McDonagh (R,C)
District 86 (Bronx)
Luis M. Diaz (D)
Sham Ninah (R,C)


District 10 (Queens)
Jereline Hunter (R,C)
Shirley L. Huntley (D)
District 11(Queens)
Nora C. Marino (D,WF)
Frank Padavan (R,C,I)
District 15 (Queens)
Albert Baldeo (D)
Serphin R. Maltese (R,C,I)
District 17 (Brooklyn)
Martin Malave Dlan (D,WF)
Victor F. Guarino (R,C)
District 18 (Brooklyn)
Velmanette Montgomery (D,WF)
Viviana Vazquez-Hernandez (R,C)
District 19 (Brooklyn)
John L. Sampson (D,WF)
Mary J. Vicino (R)
District 20 (Brooklyn)
Eric Adams (D,WF)
James M. Gay (C)
District 21 (Brooklyn)
Salvatore Grupico (R,C)
Kevin S. Parker (D,WF)
District 25 (Brooklyn, Manhattan)
Martin Connor (D)
Ken Diamondstone (WF)
District 26 (Manhattan)
Liz Krueger (D. WF)
Philip Pidot (R, GRP)
District 27 (Brooklyn)
Carl Kruger (D)
Mildred R. Mahoney (C)
District 31 (Bronx, Manhattan)
Stylo A. Sapaskis (R)
Eric T. Schniederman (D,WF)
District 32 (Bronx)
Arlene Anderson (R,C)
Ruben Diaz Sr. (D)
District 33 (Bronx)
Efrain Gonzalez Jr. (D)
Ernest Kebreau (C)
District 34 (Bronx)
Jeffrey D. Klein (D,WF)
Joseph J. Savino (R,C,I)
District 36 (Bronx)
Curtis Brooks (R,C)
Ruth H. Thompson (D,WF)