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Roxanne Persaud (D)

Jeffrey J. Ferretti (R, C)


Persaud (D)


Roxanne Persaud (D)


On the Issues


Currently: Registrar, St. Francis College

Previous Work: Community Activist


On the Issues

*Research Ongoing

*Research ongoing





Ferretti (R, C)


Jeffrey J. Ferretti (R, C)

On the Issues


Currently: National Brokerage Real Estate, President and Broker

Previous Work: Brooklyn Board of Realtors, President; Flatbush Real Estate Board, Chair


On the Issues

*Source for Jeffrey Ferretti's issue stances: Gotham Gazette Questionnaire

Top 5 Legislative Priorities↓

1. "safety to all in my community
2. reducing utility bills...water
3. small biz taxes
4. education
5. helping seniors"


In addressing how to utilize NYS' multibillion dollar surplus by, stated: "education and police and fire departments,senior projects and housing."

Civil Rights↓

Would vote yes on the full, ten-point Women's Equality Agenda.

Opposes the strategy of removing the 10th point in the WEA, which deals with abortion access, in order to push for passage of the other 9 points with less controversy.


Supports a statewide minimum wage at $9.

Stated that municipalities such as NYC should be able to set their own minimum wage.

Would like NYS to develop a jobs program.


Supports maintaining the cap on charter schools.

Stated that government should pay for both location of charter schools in private space and for co-locations of charter schools in public school buildings.

Supports statewide universal pre-kindergarten.

In addressing what the legislature can do to ensure that adequate funding is distributed to all school districts, to comply with the Campaign for Fiscal Equity decisions, stated: "checks and balances,accountability."


Opposes hydrofracking in NYS.

Stated that municipalities should decide, via zoning processes, whether hydrofracking occurs in their jurisdiction.

Good Government↓

Supports instituting a public-matching campaign-financing systems statewide.

Stated that Governor Cuomo should not have dissolved the Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption.

Supports implementing the following reform measures to increase voter participation and reduce barriers to voting:

  • Same day voter registration,
  • Consolidating state and federal primaries.

In addressing how to properly monitor and enforce ethics laws and appropriate conduct of legislators, stated: "so be treated like every other citizen."

In addressing legislative oversight of public authorities such as the MTA and Port Authority, stated: "public officials should have adhoc committee."


Regarding how to address challenges with the NYS Health Exchange rollout and the high cost of Medicare, stated: "need more information and local meetings explaining it."

Housing and Development↓

Supports reforming the Scaffold Law from absolute liability to comparative negligence.

In addressing the affordable housing needs in the state and city, stated: "for affordable housing."

In addressing the rising cost of commercial rents and the loss of local retail businesses, stated: "i am a local business and i support them."


Would abstain from voting on the DREAM Act.

Opposes non-citizen voting.

Opposes drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants.


Stated that the biggest infrastructure needs in the district are ""roads and mass transit" and to address it, would "form a committee to over see."

Policing and Criminal Justice↓


Supports the legalization of medical marijuana.

In addressing whether there is a role for state government in overseeing the conduct of municipal police forces, stated: ""leave at state level."


In addressing road safety, and the appropriate approach to balancing the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers, stated: "designated areas."



Organizations: New York State Association of Realtors



Candidates' statements taken from their respective websites and press releases, unless otherwise noted.


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