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National Anti-Gay Marriage Group Spends Big to Push Out NY Lawmakers

Oct 07, 2012

NEW YORK — The National Organization for Marriage, which is dedicated to limiting marriage to couples of the opposite sex and has enjoyed success in most states, is not giving

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Scandals Don't Drive Turnout for Primary Election

Sep 14, 2012

ALBANY, N.Y. — Weeks of front-page scandal was not enough to drive voters to the polls in droves as yesterday’s primary saw most incumbents re-elected by comfortable margins. In New York

Guide for the Last Minute Voter

Sep 11, 2012

It is a testament to the corruption-as-usual air of the state capital that three or more current incumbents facing challenges in Thursday's primary election could very easily be reelected only

Assembly's Boyland Faces Tough Primary Challenge

Sep 10, 2012

William F. Boyland, pictured here in 2005, from the assemblyman's website. NEW YORK — William F. Boyland Jr., the four-term assemblyman representing the 55th district in Brooklyn, went on what for

5 Primary Races Worth Caring About

Sep 04, 2012

Not alluring enough to grab the attention of most voters, primary elections are often ignored by all but the most politically engaged. But with financial scandals, rivalries and allegations of bribery