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Power Plant Siting

Apr 23, 2001

A man dressed all in black stood beneath the black and white plumes of smoke rising from a power plant. He was wearing a gas mask. Another man carried a


After Fresh Kills

Apr 01, 2001

When the great mountain at the Fresh Kills landfill in Staten Island closed down, the piles of garbage in waste transfer stations started to rise. At the same time, street



Mar 01, 2001

 Fifteen years ago, the Koch Administration, with a push from a private ferry operator, helped launch the modern era of private ferry services in New York harbor. Five years


Turbine Turmoil

Jan 01, 2001

The New York Power Authority's plan to install 10 temporary, gas turbine generators around the city in preparation for next summer's predicted energy frenzy has been met with resistance by


The Missing Marshes of Jamaica Bay

Jan 01, 2001

 Jamaica Bay's marshes are shrinking. According to the Eco-Watchers, a Queens citizens' organization, the Bay's saltwater marshes have shrunk by over 1200 acres (one and one-half times the area


Light at the End of the Rail Tunnel?

Dec 01, 2000

When the Port Authority of New York was created some seventy-five years ago, it had among its primary purposes the construction of a rail tunnel under the harbor. Such


In the News: A Ban on Jet Skis?

Sep 01, 2000

 They're fast, furious, they're loud, they're dirty -- a threat to the environment, a menace to wildlife, and, increasingly, a danger to human beings. That is how more and more people


City Beaches: Safe for Swimming?

Aug 01, 2000

  There was a time when a hot-dog vendor working on the beach at Coney Island could sell 250,000 hot dogs in one day. That, at least, is what