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Will Electric Cars Give New York a Charge?

Apr 05, 2010

http://www.flickr.com/photos/helmspictures/ This Tesla is one of a number of electric cars coming on the market. Imagine it is 2013 in New York City. Many things in your life haven't changed since 2010

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Council Increases Penalty for Dumping

Mar 04, 2010

Photo (cc) 2007 andyj682 Dumping in any New York City waterway is about to cost more than environmental quality. It's going to cost money. The City Council unanimously approved legislation Wednesday that creates

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City Turns Deaf Ear to Noisy Neighbors

Feb 23, 2010

Photo (cc) anthonylibrarian Teens living above an East Village woman laughed at her when she asked them to stop running and jumping all night while her family tried to sleep. An

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Pioneering E-Waste Bill Remains Stuck in Legal Limbo

Feb 08, 2010

photo flckr In 2008, New York City enacted a pioneering electronics waste law, becoming the first city in the nation to do so. But the law never went into effect

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Talking Trash

Feb 03, 2010

Photo (cc) digiart2001 This story was done through a partnership between The Huffington Post's Eyes and Ears citizen journalism program and Gotham Gazette. Gotham Gazette reporter Courtney Gross wrote the piece

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Stated Meeting: Green Building Bills Approved by the Council

Dec 10, 2009

Photo (cc) broddi The City Council took aim at the city's largest polluter Wednesday by requiring property owners audit energy usage and make maintenance overhauls to cut back on carbon

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Moving the City Along the Road to Sustainability

Oct 29, 2009

This is one in a series, to run between now and Election Day, examining Mayor Michael Bloomberg's record in key areas. For more on the mayor's eight years see: The MetroCard

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