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After run for Congress, Crowley gets less for district

Jul 03, 2012

Photos by William Alatriste. NEW YORK – City Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley ran for Congress -- and some say it just might have cost her district hundreds of thousands of dollars. A review

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The 2012 Guide to City Pork

Jul 01, 2012

NEW YORK -- Every year, as the City Council goes about its business adopting a budget that it largely had no control over creating, it also repeats a widely observed

City Council overrides mayor on living wage veto

Jun 29, 2012

Quinn speaks to the Council about the budget at last night's stated meeting. Photograph by William Alatriste The City Council overrode the mayor's veto of the living wage bill and adopted

Senate Dems Look to Nat'l Issues for Help

May 15, 2012

Photo from flickr. On January 24, 2012, state Sen. Neil Breslin, the man tasked with reinvigorating the Democratic caucus, attended an open house for the future location of the only library

Council Politics Taint Discretionary Funding

May 07, 2012

Back in 2008 a federal investigation revealed that the City Council had been giving money from the Council’s budgeted discretionary funds to fictitious organizations going back to 2001. The revelation

Council To Keep Tabs On Costly Contracts

Mar 15, 2012

Photo by William Alatriste On the heels of the announcement that the CityTime scandal would be laid to rest by a $500 million settlement, the City Council passed a bill yesterday