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Bush Plan Doesn't Add Up

Jan 09, 2003

There he goes again. Last week, President George W. Bush announced the details of his new plan for restoring economic prosperity, the premise of which should be all too familiar by

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2003 State of the State Address

Jan 08, 2003

The Bucks Start Where? Who is going to solve New York's fiscal crisis ­ Washington, Albany, or the city itself? Transcript of President George W. Bush's Economic Proposal Governor George Pataki's State of

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Is Gangs of New York Historically Accurate?

Dec 23, 2002

On Friday, December 20 Gotham Gazette's NYC Book Club had a live chat with Tyler Anbinder, author of Five Points, and Jay Cocks, screenwriter of Gangs of New York. They

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Budget Modification Signed Into Law

Nov 14, 2002

Details of the Budget Agreement On December 2, Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed a budget package that includes an 18.5 percent across-the-board increase in city property taxes and a delay of

Cell Phones

Oct 21, 2002

When Emily Post wrote her landmark book on etiquette in 1922, she advised people not to let small children answer the phone, and thought a businessman committed an appalling breach

Guide To The Mayor's Management Report

Oct 07, 2002

Different mayors have used the annual Mayor's Management Report - sometimes called the "public report card" - to different ends. Rudy Giuliani turned the annual report into a kind of

How Your Council Member Voted

Aug 26, 2002

When Mayor Michael Bloomberg first proposed eliminating the city's recycling program earlier this year, the City Council responded with outrage -- threatening to sue, pushing for an independent authority to

New York City's Foreign Policy

Jul 01, 2002

Rodolfo Montiel and Teodoro Cabrera waged a crusade to save the forests of Mexico, and were imprisoned for it. Three members of the New York City Council waged their own

Involvement and Accountability

Jun 17, 2002

 Dennis Walcott is deputy mayor for policy. He served as president of the New York Urban League and was a member of the Board of Education. This is adapted from