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Council To Keep Tabs On Costly Contracts

Mar 15, 2012

Photo by William Alatriste On the heels of the announcement that the CityTime scandal would be laid to rest by a $500 million settlement, the City Council passed a bill yesterday


City To Release Government Stats Online

Mar 01, 2012

Photo by William Alatriste The City Council voted yesterday to pass the most far-reaching and transparent open data legislation in the nation. The Open Data Bill will require city agencies to release


Council Members Seek to Make City More Wired

Feb 29, 2012

Daniel Garodnickand fellow council members are looking to pass a bill which would give anyone with a smartphone, the ability to pull up a detailed report from any publicly posted


Glass Ceiling Persists in New York Government

Feb 02, 2012

Photo by Jo Freeman Co. Mary Anne Krupsak (left), pictured here with U.S. Rep. Bella Abzug, was the state's New York's first women statewide elected official, serving in the largely


Council Defies Mayor on Parking Tickets

Jan 19, 2012

Photo by William Alatriste Christine Quinn at a Council meeting this past November. In December, the Council overrode a mayoral veto of the Outsourcing Accountability Act. Last week, Council Speaker Christine Quinn


How Will Cuomo's 2012 Plans Impact the City?

Jan 05, 2012

Photo by Office of Gov. Andrew Cuomo Gov. Andrew Cuomo had a big freshman year—so big, in fact, that some observers have wondered how he will replicate it. On Wednesday, Cuomo


Connecting Cuomo to the People

Sep 22, 2011

Photo by office of Gov. Andrew Cuomo> Gov. Andrew Cuomo hosts a cabinet meeting in the Capitol As early as today the administration of Gov. Andrew Cuomo is expected to unveil CitizenConnects,