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The Heroes Of 9/11 Are Getting Sick

Jan 30, 2006

Detective James Zadroga was inside 7 World Trade Center on the morning of September 11, 2001. He escaped –- barely –- when the building collapsed. But Zadroga could not escape


The Need for Healthier Schools

Dec 12, 2005

Most people think all asbestos was removed from New York City public schools years ago. So participants in a New York State Assembly hearing on healthy schools earlier this year


Without Health Insurance

Dec 05, 2005

A woman from Pastor Ebenezer Martinez’s church was recently bit by a dog, and ended up spending a week in the hospital. Neither the woman nor her husband had


Bird Flu

Nov 24, 2005

For all the attention to the bird flu, discussions of its potential dangers are, for the time being, hypothetical. The disease may never spread from birds to any large


New York's Grocery Gap

Nov 21, 2005

The South Bronx feeds the region. Eighty percent of the metropolitan area’s fresh produce and 40 percent of its fresh meat comes through the


Nursing New York City Back to Health

Oct 24, 2005

Last week nurses in New York City’s public hospitals used their break time to stand in front of three of their hospitals, bringing a message of protest to Mayor Michael


City Council District 4 Candidate Debate

Oct 24, 2005

On October 18, 2005, three candidates for City Council district 4 debated issues of the city budget, eminent domain, noise, and whether or not Michael Bloomberg is a good mayor.