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Health and Environment

Sep 06, 2004

Three Years of Rebuilding: Ground Zero Transportation Economic Impact Federal Aid Security Health and Environment How the collapse of the Twin Towers will impact the long term health of New Yorkers


Food Borne Illnesses

Aug 18, 2004

 Reports of a potentially dangerous E: coli infection among children in a Bronx day care center, coupled with two Yankees players benched by parasitic infestations, seems to have turned the


The Urban Health Challenge

Aug 09, 2004

  Related in Community Gazettes: In Harlem, a Neighborhood Institution Expands(District 9: Harlem) Treating TB


Andtidepressants and Children

Jun 11, 2004

As this month began, a landmark research study and an unusual lawsuit by the state of New York added to the current controversy about whether children and adolescents with depression


Children and Insecticides

Jun 04, 2004

 A federal ban on home use of two insecticides has strong benefits to newborns, a new study (In PDF Format) by Columbia University's Center for Children’s Environmental Health. This is the first study to demonstrate


Smokers Quitting

May 14, 2004

 One of the most heavily stressed goals in the city's sweeping new public health plan is to help as many New Yorkers as possible quit smoking. It's an instance of