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Homeless Children and Asthma

Mar 10, 2004

 Sarah Baez, a homeless mother of two, was waiting for the city to find a shelter for her family at the notorious Emergency Assistance Unit in the South Bronx earlier


Death In New York City

Feb 10, 2004

 Many New Yorkers think of their city as tough, rough, and a tad more perilous than most; a place where armed muggers lurk in ambush, bike messengers and speeding cabbies


The Governor's Misguided Health-Care Cuts

Feb 09, 2004

 Governor George Pataki’s proposed budget for health care is a devastating package that is especially cruel and insensitive to working people and their families and takes funds away from patient


A Bill That Helps End Lead Poisoning

Feb 02, 2004

  Injuries to children from lead paint cause irreparable harm - brain damage that is irreversible, nervous system disorders, delays in development, and


The New Medicare Law - Will It Help or Hurt?

Jan 12, 2004

 President George W. Bush signed into law in December, 2003 the most sweeping changes to Medicare since the 1965 creation of the federal health insurance program for people over 65


The Flu; Abuse; Lead Paint

Jan 08, 2004

 The flu season has reached epidemic levels and has yet to reach its peak, despite a drop-off in cases in some states. Nationwide, nearly four dozen children, about half of them under


The Lead Paint Bill

Dec 13, 2003

  Catalina Pena and her two sons. High lead levels were found in their Washington Heights apartment. To many advocates in health and social services, lead contamination poses an unacceptable threat



Dec 12, 2003

 The recent chilling plunge in temperatures has been a rude reminder to New Yorkers that, yes, it really is winter. And, yes, unfortunately, flu season has arrived, and this month