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Teaching Kids About Sex

Oct 25, 2007

About half of high school kids in New York City have had sex. Roughly one in five female students admits she did not use protection the

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Grading the City's Public Hospitals

Oct 18, 2007

New York City is a world of infinite decisions: Japanese or Vietnamese, a ball game or the opera and the subway or a cab. Some decisions, though, involve more serious matters.

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Aging with AIDS

Aug 22, 2007

When Edward Shaw was diagnosed with the human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, in August 1988, he thought it was a death sentence. But now, the burly, 66-year-old resident of the

Guaranteeing Access to Abortion in New York

Jul 19, 2007

In New York State until 1970, abortion was considered homicide unless the procedure was to save the life of a pregnant woman. Then three years before the Supreme Court decision

Access to the HPV Vaccine in NYC

Jul 03, 2007

Young mothers whisk by pushing baby strollers heading toward the pediatric floor at the Gouverneur healthcare facility on the outskirts of Manhattan's Chinatown. Even on a slower than usual Monday,

NYC V. Fast Food

Mar 14, 2007

From the moment the footage from the infested Taco Bell aired, the rat story had legs. Tourists came to gawk and have their pictures taken at the

In Danger: Men At Work

Mar 05, 2007

Joseph Endico doesn't remember the sound of the rope snapping. He doesn't remember seeing his harness give way, or feeling his head hit the ledge of the window as he fell three

Charting New York’s Health

Jan 22, 2007

Many New Yorkers apparently have been keeping their new year’s resolutions to live healthier lives. And their resolve has produced results. The city health department recently released figures

Health Problems Among Caribbean Immigrants

Jan 10, 2007

Swiveling on a stool behind the wood counter at the hair salon where she works, Leandra Stewart pats her flat belly. For the last few years she has had cramping