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Sharp Criticism Greets Bid to Limit Access to Homeless Shelters

Nov 10, 2011

Photo by Gail Robinson City Councilmembers Stephen Levin, Annabel Palma and Jumaane Williams sharply criticized the city's plan to tighten eligibility requirement for homeless adults to gain access to the city's

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Will Albany Allow the Rent Laws to Expire? Does it Matter?

Jun 14, 2011

To read and join the discussion on rent regulation go here. Photo by Pratt Area Community Council Tenants rallied for stricter rent laws last month. On Monday Sen. Bill Perkins and Assemblymember

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End of Homeless Program May Send Families Back to Shelters

Jun 09, 2011

Photo by Euan Slorach Last month, Mayor Michael Bloomberg created a firestorm when he told reporters, "There aren't many panhandlers left" on the subways. Bloomberg expanded on this the

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Are Tenants Advocates Out of Leverage?

Apr 05, 2011

Photo (cc) Matt Ryan At midnight on June 15 the state's rent laws, which keep thousands of apartments across the city affordable, will expire. Tenant advocates didn't want to be here. They

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With Housing in Turmoil, Cuomo Offers Few Clues

Jan 12, 2011

Photo by John Dalton In his various runs for public office, Jimmy McMillan has famously declared the rent "is too damned high." But, with rent regulation set to expire this year,

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Council Approves Safe Housing Act

Jan 06, 2011

One of the buildings that made the city's list in 2009. Taking aim at the city's worst landlords, the City Council expanded a housing program Wednesday that forces property owners to

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Homeless Cuts Take Aim at Families

Dec 06, 2010

Photo (cc) Christine Nieves clung to a child-sized coat slung over her chest just outside of the Auburn Family Shelter. It was one of the first December days where a conversation would

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Council to Expand Safe Housing Act

Dec 01, 2010

Photo (cc) 2010 Courtney Gross. HPD Commissioner Rafael Cestero, Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Councilmember Gale Brewer announce new legislation Tuesday. Clutching a sign splashed with the slogan, "No More Asthma,"

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Creating Affordable Housing: How Koch Did It

Oct 18, 2010

Photo by Anthony Catalano In his third and last term, Mayor Ed Koch, shown here at a parade in Brooklyn in the mid 1980s, focused on finding ways to build

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