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Citizens Union


A Rocky Season

Nov 01, 2001

 When Michael Bloomberg takes office in January, he will be mayor of more than the city's sagging economy and the aftermath of the attack on the World Trade Center. He

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Administration for Children's Services

Oct 01, 2001

 It is amazing what a city agency can do when given direct access to the mayor, $600 million in additional funding, and a new start free of former ties. Tragically,

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Hanging Out

Apr 01, 2001

 It is 4:30 p.m. on a Tuesday in the Bronx, in a precinct known for the second-highest rate of juvenile arrests in the city, the 44th. Inside a storefront on

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Attorneys For The Parents

Mar 01, 2001

Ade Fasanya's law office is two flights up a narrow staircase in a small Queens building on 89th Avenue. It is from this spot, amid folders stacked up on every

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Fostering Writers

Feb 01, 2001

Alene Taylor sat hunched over a large calendar in the corner of a cavernous office on West 29th Street, fretting over impending deadlines, like any professional journalist, and that is

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A Place for Pregnant Teenagers

Aug 01, 2000

 Sharron's room is small but filled with light. The bed is made, everything is clean and neat, a teddy bear the only sign that a teenager lives here.

In the News: Violence and Youth

Jul 01, 2000

 We may all shiver when we hear of yet another report of youth and violence, with young people as the victims as well as the ones committing the violent acts.