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City Poverty Rate Jumped as the Economy Slumped

Sep 27, 2010

Photo courtesy of Library of Congress Poverty continues to persist in New York more than 100 years after this picture of a family struggling to make ends meet was taken on

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Agencies Almost Always Have the Last Word

Aug 30, 2010

Photo by Cornerstones of NY After decades in public housing, Monique Hill was evicted from her apartment at the New York City Housing Authority's Lincoln Houses. With more than a quarter of

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With Homelessness Rising, City Looks to Trim Budget

Jun 02, 2010

Photo Ed Yourdon Though there was great fanfare at its introduction in 2004, Mayor Michael Bloomberg's audacious plan to cut homelessness by two thirds within five years and end chronic homelessness

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Housing Project Cats Face Eviction -- or Worse

May 14, 2010

Photos by Adelia Honeywood Harrison The Housing Authority wants residents of the Ravenswood Houses not to feed the project's hundreds of roaming cats, but many tenants do anyway. At the Ravenswood public

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Animal Rights Activists Split Over Bill to Save 'Oreos'

Feb 26, 2010

Photo © Don Brandenbur The sad story of Oreo the dog made headlines last year. Now her unfortunate death may spur a change in state law that could, supporters believe, ultimately

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After Escaping Domestic Abuse, Survivors Confront the Housing Crisis

Feb 19, 2010

/">http://www.flickr.com/photos/djwudi/ The Clothesline Project seek to draw attention to the problem of violence against women. Emergency response to domestic violence survivors and their children has, over the past two decades, come a

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Illegally Divided Homes Pose Dangers but Fill a Need

Dec 09, 2009

Image by YH Huang Three people were killed and four were injured in a firethat started in the basement of an illegally subdivided house in Queens early on the morning

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New Efforts Fail to Reduce Homelessness

Nov 02, 2009

Photo (cc) MightyBoyBrian Men wait for a hot meal at the Bowery Mission This is one in a series, to run between now and Election Day, examining Mayor Michael Bloomberg's record in

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Affordable Housing Not Included

Oct 05, 2009

This is the first in a series, to run between now and Election Day, examining Mayor Michael Bloomberg's record in key areas. Judy Stein has lived in

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Housing Project Splits Bushwick District

Sep 09, 2009

Photo by Dana Farrington Politics are personal in Brooklyn's 34th City Council District. Candidate Maritza Davila, a local community organizer, is running with the help of the Brooklyn Democratic leader, Assemblymember

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