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Parents in Prison, Children in Foster Care

Jul 20, 2009

Photo (cc) Robert Crum Jacob Gunther was just a toddler when the state removed him from his home. But when he finally reconnected with his mother as a teenager, dim memories

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Foreclosure Threat Looms over Thousands of City Apartments

Jun 22, 2009

Photo (cc) minusbaby The Heritage apartment complex in Harlem, formerly known as the Schomberg Plaza apartments Roberta Rivers is worried. The retired Verizon worker says the elevators break down repeatedly, her neighbors

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Stated Meeting: Keeping Eyes on the Tenant Watch List

May 21, 2009

Photo (cc) Herve Boinay Patrick and Tari Kelly had no idea they were blacklisted. They were Midtown subletters for two years, until their temporary landlord decided to renovate the building. They moved

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A Tangle of Problems Links Prison, Foster Care

Apr 13, 2009

Photo (cc) sean94110 Wanda Chambers came to understand motherhood in an unlikely setting: the solitude of a maximum-security prison. Chambers, now 41, had struggled with addiction for years; she had tried treatment

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Council Extends Rent Stabilization

Mar 24, 2009

Photo (cc) great_sea   Rent stabilized tenants can rest assured their apartments will remain on regulated rolls for another three years. The City Council approved a three-year extension of rent stabilization by a

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Priced Out: Council Looks to Keep Apartments Affordable

Mar 18, 2009

The signs of eviction -- abandoned furniture dotting the hallways, renovation crews climbing stories with paint cans in tow -- characterize the latter years of Terry Bocanelli's stint on the

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Giving Foster Teens a Place to Call Home

Aug 04, 2008

Photo by Arpan Munier When he was 17, Emmit Hunter (right) moved into the foster home of Karen Zimmerman, who has 3 grown children. (This article is adapted from Child Welfare Watch

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Housing as a Human Right

Nov 26, 2007

The New York City’s affordable housing crisis has brought housing advocates together to seek political solutions to what is commonly seen as an economic problem: There is not enough housing


Workers Speak Out About Homeless Program

Oct 26, 2007

The chill in the air on October 12 outside the city’s intake center for homeless families was unexpected – it had been unseasonably hot – but perhaps fitting: The administration had announced


Hard Times in the Projects

Aug 20, 2007

About 30 years ago, living in a city housing project had its advantages. “ I remember when I was in middle school and elementary school everyone wanted to come to my