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The Lost Children Of Foster Care

Jun 06, 2005

  Nina Bernstein met with the Gotham Gazette Reading NYC Book Club at the Jefferson Market Branch of the New York Public Library on May


Women and Work in New York City

Apr 18, 2005

In the late 1960s, women began entering the New York City labor force in unprecedented numbers - just as the city began a


The Social Security Debate

Mar 21, 2005

You cannot go anywhere these days without hearing about Social Security. In the first two weeks of March, the New York Times ran more than 50 articles on it.


The Working Poor

Nov 18, 2004

Last year, about one in three low-wage full-time workers in this city experienced one or more of these hardships: their gas, phone, or electricity was turned off because they couldn’t


New Programs Aim To Prevent Homelessness

Oct 29, 2004

 With the homeless population at a record high and likely to get worse, thanks in part to an exhaustion of federal subsidy money and skyrocketing costs of providing shelter, two


The Battle Over Social Security

Oct 13, 2004

The biggest domestic issue in the 2004 Presidential election has barely been mentioned by the candidates. More New Yorkers will be personally affected by the future of Social Security than


Portrait of Same-Sex (Married) Couples

Sep 24, 2004

 With gay and lesbian marriages now legal in Massachusetts, court cases pending in that state and California, and President George W. Bush pushing for a constitutional amendment that would ban


The Poor Are Not Better Off

Sep 21, 2004

 One week before the 2004 Republican National Convention, the Bush Administration announced that the nationwide caseload for federal welfare benefits dropped by three percent during 2003. Several days later,


A Ban On Welfare Advocates At Welfare Centers

Sep 17, 2004

 A group of Brooklyn community activists has lost its six-year legal battle for access to the waiting rooms of welfare offices, now known as Job Centers. The group's staff