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No More Waiting?

Aug 02, 2004

Kendo McDonald only slept a couple of hours a night at his home in Queens. The rest of the night, he camped out in a sleeping bag in front of the office


Daycare Workers

Jul 07, 2004

Daycare workers have one of the most undervalued jobs in our society. They are in reality early childhood teachers who are required to have the same qualifications as teachers in


Regulating Immigration Consultants

Jul 02, 2004

 Hoping that she could quickly qualify for US residency, Izabela Dechnik, a Polish cleaning woman, gave $2,000 to a woman named Adela Holzer, who claimed that she could expedite


Welfare Rolls On The Rise

Jun 22, 2004

 For the past year, the number of households on public assistance in New York City has been quietly climbing up. The family assistance caseload has remained nearly the same, while


H-1B Working Visa

Jun 01, 2004

 After almost a year of job searching in New York, David Chim has given up and is ready to move back to his native Singapore. With a master’s degree in


Child Care For Welfare Recipients

Apr 29, 2004

 The United States Senate voted last month to increase funding for child care for welfare recipients and other low-income families, over the objection of the White House, which is


Meals and Wheels Threatened In The Bronx

Apr 19, 2004

 If a group of old people got together on their own, advised by experts in gerontology, to come up with a way to keep seniors out of hospitals and nursing


Deporting the “Bad” Immigrant

Mar 19, 2004

 Recently a dear friend of mine observed that immigrants who broke the law deserved to be deported. In her eyes, certain elements in her community - like a cousin