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Should Federal Rebuilding Funds Pay for Affordable Housing in Lower Manhattan?

Feb 23, 2004

To affordable housing advocates and many city officials, the $1.6 billion in tax free bonds Washington set aside to build housing in lower Manhattan after September 11 looks like an

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A Tax Shelter For The Working Poor

Feb 23, 2004

 More than half a billion dollars in federal money is there for the taking by almost a quarter of a million New Yorkers who need it most, but they either

Bush's "Temporary Worker" Program

Feb 17, 2004

 Henry Ho made up his mind that he wanted to stay in New York shortly after he arrived here from Taiwan as a graduate student a year and half ago.

Is Congress About To Shake Up Job Training?

Jan 22, 2004

 Since 1999, 235,000 would-be workers have entered the New York City workforce. The city has lost 240,000 jobs since 2000. As a result, at least half a million New Yorkers