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New York City Council STATED MEETING - FEBRUARY 12, 2003

Feb 12, 2003

 New York City Council Stated Meeting Report Every two weeks the New York City Council meets for its Stated Meeting, where the 51 members of the council introduce and pass legislation. As a

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Speaker Miller's State Of The City Address

Feb 04, 2003

 This is an important moment in the life of our great city. And the dedication of the people present in this room - and the millions of others whom you

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The Temperature Of The City

Jan 27, 2003

In his State of the City address at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens last week, Mayor Michael Bloomberg talked about what he accomplished in the last year, mainly that crime is

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City Hall Quiz

Jan 13, 2003

 When is it against the law to use your cell phone? Do people who rent their apartments still have to pay the property tax? And what is Mayor Michael Bloomberg

The Bloomberg Budget - In His Own Words

Nov 14, 2002

Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Budget Mid-Year Plan On November 14, 2002 Mayor Michael Bloomberg presented his mid-year budget plan to close a $1.1 billion deficit in the current fiscal year and a

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Fighting Domestic Violence With Technology

Nov 01, 2002

 The fight against domestic violence is going digital, with digital 911 calls and digital photography, digital phones and even a digital courtroom. Digital technology is better than analog because digital recordings

Reach Out And Slap Someone

Oct 21, 2002

When Emily Post wrote her landmark book on etiquette in 1922, she advised people not to let small children answer the phone, and thought a businessman committed an appalling breach

9/11/01-02: Altering The Political Landscape

Sep 01, 2002

Most people have probably forgotten that September 11, 2001, started out as a day when New York City held primary elections. That memory may resurface for many as they head