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The Remarkable Victory

Dec 01, 2001

 Mayor-elect Michael Bloomberg's victory was, in every way, on every level, remarkable. It was an historical first: no Republican has ever succeeded a Republican in the mayor's office,


10-Digit Dialing

Nov 01, 2001

 In recent years, exploding demand for phone numbers has pushed the classic Manhattan 212 area code to its limits, our desire for mobility requiring new area codes for cell phones


Outlook From City Hall

Oct 22, 2001

If Michael Bloomberg were still a private citizen, we might expect him to step in to help the arts in this moment of looming budgetary cutbacks. He gave away $300


Choosing Your Power

Oct 01, 2001

 Most New Yorkers know they can choose their own local, long-distance, mobile phone and Internet service provider. After all, everyone has gotten countless telephone calls from salesmen trying to


Mayoral Election

Oct 01, 2001

New York City's election machinery was surprisingly prepared to accept our votes and our democratic participation during the postponed primary on September 25. The city's 1,300 polling places buzzed


Damage And Restoration To Electricity, Phones, TV

Sep 01, 2001

The September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center caused significant damage to New York City's electric, gas, broadcasting and telecommunication networks in lower Manhattan. The effects rippled throughout the


A Plea For Same-Day Voter Registration

Sep 01, 2001

 It's after Labor Day. You're just back (mentally or physically) from the long summer break. Political posters are lining the streets. Candidates and supporters are pushing leaflets right, left, and


What Is Wrong With The Board Of Elections?

Aug 01, 2001

 The chaos surrounding Florida's presidential election counts and recounts may have cost New Yorkers the president of their choice. But for New York City there is a thin silver