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What Is Wrong With The Board Of Elections?

Jul 01, 2001

 The chaos surrounding Florida's presidential election counts and recounts may have cost New Yorkers the president of their choice. But for New York City there is a thin silver lining

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Jun 01, 2001

 After each census comes the dance known as redistricting. This time around, New York City and the surrounding suburbs accounted for virtually all the growth in New York State. Much of upstate

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Women and Technology

Jun 01, 2001

 In the past year, New York City has done much to promote high technology. While economic development in New York's special high-tech zones is a priority, it is also

Sharpton's Endorsement

Jun 01, 2001

 Al Sharptons endorsement for mayor has been postponed by his unexpected stay in jail. But it is worth asking: just how big is the Sharpton constituency in New York

Privacy on the Internet

May 01, 2001

 A war is being waged on the Internet over the right to keep personal information personal. The fears by the public are real: identity theft, rejection from health insurance

Right for All the Wrong Reasons

Mar 01, 2001

 Some servants of the public trust seem to be having a little trouble, well, letting go. Instead of making plans for farewell dinners, penning gracious speeches including phrases about

It's Still Broken

Feb 01, 2001

 A witness at the City Council's first hearing on the city's creaky electoral system called it "a volcano getting ready to erupt." All witnesses agreed that this year's elections will