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Phone Frustrations

Jan 01, 2001

 New York is filled with a lot more solitary voices muttering their way down the streets this year than last. Some are using their cellular phones. Some are muttering


Our One-Party Town

Jan 01, 2001

 "Vote, or Liberty is History," the New York City Board of Elections says on its Web site. It's a compelling phrase. The message is clear: voting is more



Dec 01, 2000

 I dream of voting in my pajamas. I guess I could do this in my local polling place, since the lights are so dim that the election workers would probably


What Can We Do To Fix This -- and Should We?

Dec 01, 2000

 During the past two weeks, our nation has been held in the grip of steely uncertainty, watching the developments in the contested Presidential election. The fact that two weeks


In the News: The Primaries

Sep 01, 2000

 The Democratic Rundown by Jonathan Trichter On September 12th, New York City Democrats in effect chose their elected officials. This is when we voted in party primaries. The Republicans had


The Party Platforms

Aug 01, 2000

  If you are an American child on January 20th, 2001 when the next president of the United States is sworn in, what can you expect the new government to do


In The News: The Republican National Convention

Aug 01, 2000

 Exactly one hundred years ago, there was another Republican Convention; it too was in Philadelphia. At that time a young New York governor, Theodore Roosevelt, was nationally renowned for


Advice for Taming the Dog Days of Summer

Jul 01, 2000

 From July Fourth until Labor Day, political campaigns usually shift strategies. With most voters tuned out, candidates normally concentrate on raising money for a costly media blitz after Labor