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A Time Of Crisis

Feb 23, 2004

It is an extraordinary time to be the Speaker of the City Council. Last year, we elected a new mayor, a new comptroller, and a new public advocate who have

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Fast, Not Fancy -- And In Midtown, Not Downtown

Feb 22, 2004

It is terribly important that whatever is to be done to rebuild Manhattan be done rapidly. The rebuilding must not be delayed--or stopped dead--by the usual New York acrimony about

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Stick With Libeskind

Feb 21, 2004

As the first building scheduled to go up at Ground Zero, the Freedom Tower offers a glimpse into the future of the site as a whole, and whether it will

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Thinking Big Again

Jan 16, 2004

In a fascinating new book, Tunneling to the Future, historian Peter Derrick tells the story of the creation of the New York City subway system between 1902 and 1920. The

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Not Always As Sweet

Mar 02, 2003

I came to this country from Yemen, Arabia at the age of three. I remember it was a cold March night, and when I woke up the morning after

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Living Near Ground Zero

Mar 01, 2003

It is a sunny Saturday morning at Greenwich and Reade Streets, farmers' market day. There are lines at the fish stand and neighbors chat near bins of apples. In Washington

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Down and Out

Mar 01, 2003

Laura DeMaio put down the phone with a pained expression on her face. Someone had just called her for help with a mortgage payment and had not even thought to

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Does Transportation Really Deserve Top Billing Downtown?

Feb 24, 2003

If you ask any public official or civic leader what the top priority is for planning the city's rebuilding after Sept. 11, they will probably say transportation. Improving transportation downtown

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