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Oscar Chorus Shows What Schools -- and Kids -- Can Do

Mar 01, 2011

Photo (cc) NYC Department of Education The P.S. 22 chorus has been at the Oscars, but the kids spend most of their time at an elementary school on Staten Island that

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Building a Better Buildings Department

Feb 23, 2011

Photo by Jason Kuffer The Department of Buildings had issued 13 violations for this Manhattan site where a 2008 crane collapse killed seven people. The tragic deaths this month of two veteran

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Experience Shows Living Wage Policies Work

Dec 14, 2010

Art by Siân for London After recently scuttling a bill that would require paid sick days, the Bloomberg administration and the business community now are training their sights on two more

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The Charter Commission's Unfinished Business

Oct 26, 2010

New York Public Library The city has gone through many charters -- and revisions of charters -- since Peter Stuyvesant and his counsel prepared one in 1652. And, writes Scott Stringer,

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Once Again, Term Limits Goes to the Voters

Oct 19, 2010

Photo by Thomas Good / NLN Eric Gioia, John Liu, David Weprin and Charles Barron -- then all members of the City Council --held a press conference to oppose extension of

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Full-Time Council Would Better Serve New Yorkers

Aug 02, 2010

We want and expect our City Council members to be the best and brightest our city has to offer, but it is becoming harder and harder to expect top-of-the-line professionals

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Republicans, A Call to Arms

Dec 14, 2009

Photo from James Oddo 09 Councilmember James Oddo with fellow Republican Councilmember Vincent Ignizio Five for fighting? Not so much. Go along to get along? Don’t expect

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Re-enfranchising New Yorkers

Oct 05, 2009

Photos from the Polling Place Photo Project The results from the primary elections on Sept. 15 were remarkable in two respects for those who worry about the health of democracy in

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Zoning without Planning

May 26, 2009

Photo (cc) mikebot Luxury condos like Schaefer Landing block easy public access to the waterfront and once unfettered views of the skyline. Amanda Burden, chairperson of the New York City Planning Commission,

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On the Gowanus, Say 'No' to Superfund

May 26, 2009

Photo (cc) Bryan Bruchman Would Superfund status radically slow down the commercial development of the waterfront? TOXIC NEW YORK

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