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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Who's Stopped? Who's Frisked?

Dec 17, 2007

While New Yorkers applaud the police for the drop in crime and are generally satisfied with police performance, many city residents firmly believe the police use race as a factor


A Minor Case Changes Police Practices

Dec 12, 2007

Every once in a while a case arises in the law that seems ordinary and unlikely to change law or policy or mean much to anyone but the individuals directly


The Fight Against Drunk Driving

Nov 19, 2007

  Eugenio Cidron drank so much at a party at Chelsea Piers last December that he mistook the bike path along the Hudson River for the West Side Highway. After driving


Gun Laws Confront Legal Challenges

Nov 16, 2007

Laws that prohibit gun possession may be unconstitutional in Washington, D.C., but they are not unconstitutional in Brooklyn. And that is bad news for Rashawn Handsome. Handsome was arrested when police


Counting Convicts

Oct 31, 2007

Residents of Groveland, New York, upstate in Livingston County, have something to get excited about. According to a report put out this year, 62 percent of the town’s population is incarcerated. That,


Police Limit "Hanging Out"

Oct 17, 2007

My friend and I were walking toward the subway, relieved to be out of school, when we heard a voice behind us. “You,” the voice said. It was deep and


Policing the Police

Oct 09, 2007

The case of two civil rights lawyers who say they were victims of police abuse has attracted outrage among ministers and other black leaders who say that New Yorkers, particularly


A Dwindling Police Presence

Oct 09, 2007

Photograph (cc) 2006 Rabih Nassar Imagine walking alone along a dark street at night, perhaps heading back to your apartment after picking up some groceries. All of a sudden, you notice


A Tougher Policy on Protest

Oct 09, 2007

Photograph (c) 2005 Frank Lynch   Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly have never expressed the slightest doubt over the police's handling of the protests at the 2004 Republican National


Stop and Frisk – Who's Being Searched?

Oct 09, 2007

In minority communities across the city being stopped and frisked has become routine, according to some community leaders. "It's almost like brushing your teeth in the morning, because in our

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