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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

A Modern Slavery

Oct 01, 2007

A Poster from VietAct It took 12 years for Martina Okeke to break free. After moving from Nigeria to New York in 1988, she cooked, cleaned and took care of a


New York's 'Ring of Steel'

Sep 04, 2007

In the almost six years since terrorists flew planes into the World Trade Center, much has changed for New Yorkers. They have learned to always carry a photo ID, to


When Conviction Records Can Be Sealed

Aug 29, 2007

When Andrew Alexander turned 17 on January 3, 2006, the Queens high school senior did not expect that he would be arrested later that day. And he definitely did not


Police in Schools

Jul 30, 2007

Police at Curtis High School on Staten Island For students who attend one of New York City's 86 public schools with permanent metal detectors, simply getting through the door can pose


Trying to Break the Cycle of Violence

Jul 30, 2007

In April, Henry Talbert , a 16-year-old junior at Thomas Jefferson High School in East New York and an aspiring firefighter, was murdered. The teen was shot in the neck


Protecting New York's Teens

Jul 30, 2007

Every New Yorker has seen it happen. A group of teenagers enters a subways car, talking loudly, perhaps cursing or using other epitaphs. Once in the car they expand to


The Brave New World of Ticket Sales

Jul 16, 2007

"Buying?" "Selling?" "I got box seats," the scalpers furtively muttered as I walked to Yankee Stadium. It was a beautiful Saturday in the Bronx - perfect for watching the Yankees. The


Taking Aim at Illegal Guns

Jul 11, 2007

On many nights Shaun Cheeseboro is awakened at 1 a.m., 2 a.m. or 3 a.m. by the cacophony of gunfire. A 22-year-old resident of a New York City Housing Authority project


The Move to Expand DNA Testing

May 21, 2007

Governor Eliot Spitzer’s proposal to greatly expand the state’s database of DNA samples along with the exoneration last week of a New Jersey man who served 19 years in jail


Upholding the Cell Phone Ban

May 16, 2007

The New York City Department of Education’s ban on cell phones in all public schools has been upheld in a decision of the state Supreme Court. Regulations on discipline in schools,