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Criminal Justice

Picking Supreme Court Judges New York

May 29, 2006

In January, U.S. District Judge John Gleeson ruled that the current system of nominating State Supreme Court judges in New York is unconstitutional. At a recent forum at the Association


Mafia: Rise, Fall and Resurgence

May 08, 2006

Selwyn Raab recently met with Gotham Gazette's Reading NYC Book Club to discuss his book Five Families: The Rise, Fall and Resurgence of America's Most Powerful Mafia Empires, a


Mayor's Summit On Illegal Guns

May 03, 2006

What is a city to do? There are illegal guns on the street that are being used to commit violent crimes, so as a city you do what you can


Budget: More Cops, More Surveillance; Less Crime?

Apr 03, 2006

David Dean details a proposed crime budget with the largest city-funded expansion of the police department’s uniformed force since 1993, and asks what if anything it will accomplish. 


Rockefeller Drug Laws: An Ex-Prisoners View

Mar 31, 2006

Photo: 15yearstolife.com Anthony Papa with self-portrait, Little over thirty years ago Governor Nelson Rockefeller and the New York State legislature created the toughest drug laws in the nation.


The Rockefeller Drug Laws: A Prosecutor's Perspective

Mar 27, 2006

In presenting their case for past and future revisions to New York’s Rockefeller drug laws, supporters of the changes contend that revising the law would benefit non-violent, first-time drug offenders


Terror, Not Terrorism

Mar 03, 2006

New Yorkers’ feeling of safety, gradually regained, may have taken a few steps backward. Our uneasiness is not due to a resurgence in crime. While it is true, as the


The State Of the City's Crimefighting

Feb 01, 2006

Fresh off his decisive victory in November’s election, a victory made possible in part because of his record on public safety, Mayor Michael Bloomberg set out what he called “A

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