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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Home Invasion Robberies

Feb 01, 2005

  The perfect crime may be the one that goes unreported. In January, police arrested leaders of a Harlem gang that, policesay, terrorized drug dealers with a series of over 100


Rockefeller Drug Law Reform and Drug Courts

Jan 06, 2005

  When Governor George Pataki focused on crime in his 11th State of the State address, he talked about his plans to handle crime in the future -- creating a "New


Murdering Women

Nov 05, 2004

 The stories would be more shocking if they didn’t all sound so similar: a woman killed -- shot or stabbed or strangled -- at the hands of a current or


A Victim Of Domestic Violence Gets Fired

Oct 21, 2004

 New York City's Human Rights Law makes it unlawful to discriminate against an employee based on her being a victim of domestic violence. The first case brought under this 2001


Police Killed With Their Own Guns

Sep 16, 2004

  New York City Police Detectives Robert Parker and Patrick Rafferty were shot and killedin East Flatbush on September 10th, allegedly after a suspect, Marlon Legere, 28, grabbed Parker’s gun and


2004 New York Judcial Races

Sep 14, 2004

    List of Candidates: SURROGATE COURT Eve Preminger (Dem) BRONX - CIVIL COURT - COUNTY Vacancy #1 Marc Whiten (Dem) John Wilson (Rep/Dem/Con) BRONX - CIVIL COURT - COUNTY Vacancy #2 Lucianne Locorotondo (Rep/Con)



Sep 06, 2004

  Three Years of Rebuilding: Ground Zero Transportation Economic Impact Federal Aid Security Health and Environment New York has been on the front lines of the security debate, both because its security


Operation Safe Housing

Aug 17, 2004

  City officials have announced an interdepartmental effort designed to make public housing safer that would automatically make some accused drug dealers guilty of illegal trespassing if they set foot on

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