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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Identity Theft

Apr 15, 2004

  Last year, some 53 million Americans filed their taxes from the comfort and convenience of a personal computer. This year, more are expected to do so. (See Tech Links in


The Right To Marry

Apr 14, 2004

Assemblyman Daniel ODonnell from the Upper West Side and his partner John Banta are among 13 same sex couples who have commenced a lawsuit against the State of New York


Public Authorities

Apr 12, 2004

Public authorites control many billions of dollars. In 2002 the 17 largest had $105 billion in debt. The plumbing fixtures at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority headquarters at 2 Broadway can


Preventing Another Stansbury

Apr 05, 2004

Police victims, clockwise from top left: Amadou Diallo, Patrick Dorismond, Alberta Spruill, Timothy Stansbury, Jr. When I heard that an unarmed black man had been shot


Yes, Welfare Workers Deserve Workforce Protection

Mar 29, 2004

 Beginning in 1997, Tammy Auer’s supervisor at the Sanitation Department made inappropriate sexual comments to her, including the suggestion that they have a baby together. Eventually he began to touch


Pushcart Wars

Mar 22, 2004

  Community Gazettes, a look at street vendors in: Banning Street Vendors from Ground Zero (Lower Manhattan, Dist. 1) From Street Vendor To Small Business (Flatbush, Dist. 40) Moving Off 125th Street


Aftermath of the Stansbury Killing

Mar 01, 2004

 Timothy Stansbury Jr. was buried six days after he was shot and killed by police, but it will take much longer before the controversy surrounding his death can be laid

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