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Public Safety

Civil Liberties And Police Surveillance

Jan 06, 2004

 Critics of New York Police Department policies instituted in the wake of the September 11th terrorist attacks ended the year with a sense of anticipation-and disappointment. A new, non-binding City

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The Bill Of Rights Resolution

Dec 24, 2003

 Q. What do Albany, Ithaca and Syracuse have that New York City does not? A. A Bill of Rights Resolution. Immediately following the September 2001 acts of terrorism, with little public debate,

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After Rikers

Dec 05, 2003

 An ambitious new city plan to help ex-offenders find jobs, affordable housing and drug treatment probably wouldn't have meant much to Clifton Murrell -- not when he

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A Case Of Rape And Murder

Nov 24, 2003

 Keila Pulinario testified at her 1997 murder trial that Imagio Santana had raped her and then bragged about it to his friends. When she confronted him some days later about

Honor Andrew Haswell Green!

Nov 10, 2003

Andrew Haswell Green gets nothing more than a portrait in City Hall and a park bench. Exactly one hundred years ago on November 13th, Cornelius Williams, a jealous and delusional furnace

Bank Robberies On the Rise

Nov 03, 2003

 After notorious bank robber Willie Sutton was released from prison, he filmed a commercial in 1970 for a Connecticut bank, touting the bank's new photo credit card, a security measure.

The Racial Profiling Settlement

Oct 14, 2003

 More than four years after Amadou Diallo was gunned down by police, a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Diallo's parents seeking millions in damages nears trial, sure to

Fear of Terrorism

Sep 29, 2003

  Leaving New York While some New Yorkers are leaving the city, citing bad schools, high housing costs or the daily stresses of urban life, analysts debate whether the exodus is anything

Suing for Gun Control

Sep 22, 2003

  Othniel Askew used a handgun he purchased in North Carolina to kill City Councilmember James Davis inside City Hall. Two months later, during the West Indian American Day Parade, which