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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Mental Health Care For Released Inmates

Apr 17, 2003

The city will for the first time provide mental health care for mentally ill inmates after they are released from jail, thanks to an agreement approved by New York County


The Anti-War Protest And The Police

Mar 05, 2003

  Capitol of capitalism that it is, New York will continue as a likely target of terrorism so long as it remains rich and powerful. But it is also the international


Do Welfare Workers Deserve Workplace Protection?

Feb 19, 2003

 Are welfare recipients in New York City's work program protected from workplace discrimination? "The next phase of welfare reform . . . should focus on . . . ensuring that those.


The District Attorney vs. the Police

Feb 06, 2003

The narrator of the NBC crime drama Law & Order has it right every Wednesday evening when he says, "In the criminal justice system the people are represented by two


City Journal

Jan 22, 2003

In The News: For the best conservative, feel-good take on crime in New York, check out City Journal, published quarterly by the think-tank The Manhattan Institute. The Spring and Summer issues


Civilian Complaint Review Boards

Jan 12, 2003

THE LOWDOWN: It has been a winter of reckoning for the NYPD. Last December, Justin Volpe pleaded guilty to sodomizing Abner Louima. A second trial in the Louima case is drawing

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