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Criminal Justice

Police Pay: What's Fair?

Sep 01, 2002

The starting salary of police officers in the NYPD is $31,305 -- too low to support a family of four in most city neighborhoods. How did this happen to cops


Capital Punishment, Parole, And More

Aug 01, 2002

  CARNEGIE DELI KILLERS SENTENCED The two men convicted in late June of killing three people and wounding two others in an execution-style murder and robbery above midtown's Carnegie Deli have been


Drug Law Reform Failed Again

Jul 01, 2002

A year in which the governor and all 211 legislators are up for reelection is generally not the politically preferred time to introduce legislation perceived as soft on crime. Nonetheless, in


Operation Spotlight, etc.

Jun 01, 2002

Last fall's post-September 11 headline in the satirical newspaper the Onion read: "Rest of country temporarily feels deep affection for New York." But it is still holding on. Despite forbidding


Back To The Bad Old Days?

May 01, 2002

Nobody wants to go back to the bad old days when the very name New York City was associated with crimes so brutal they entered the American lexicon. The Central


Alternative Juvenile Court

Apr 01, 2002

  It was Tuesday afternoon at the Red Hook Community Justice Center and a teenage girl accused of robbing a classmate at school stood before judge Alex Calabrese. She had one


Aiming High-Tech, Ivy Recruitment

Apr 01, 2002

The police department has become famous worldwide for its successful, computer-driven assault on crime, but when detectives file their investigative reports, they do so in triplicate, using carbon paper. In


9/11/01-02: Are New Yorkers Any Safer?

Mar 01, 2002

Most New Yorkers probably think that government learned a great deal from September 11 about protecting the city, its symbols, landmarks, and people. The attack's immediate aftermath saw a barrage


Cutbacks and Checkpoints

Mar 01, 2002

CUTBACKS In the post-September 11 world, the New York Police Department has already lost hundreds of experienced officers to death, retirement, and private sector jobs. Now Mayor Bloomberg comes along and,


Crown Heights

Feb 01, 2002

When Ray Kelly was sworn in as police commissioner the first time on Nov. 10, 1992, his new job was darkened by the horror of Crown Heights. Barely two weeks

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