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Public Safety

In New York, the Police Police the Police

Nov 22, 2011

Photo by Ken Decades after Frank Serpico (portrayed in the movie by Al Pacino) blew the whistle on misconduct by his colleagues in the police department, corruption -- though perhaps not

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Crackdown on Protests Could Spark More Scrutiny of Police

Nov 21, 2011

Photo by Gail Robinson After the early morning eviction of protesters from Zuccotti Park last Tuesday, a heavy show of force by the police kept Occupy Wall Street from re-entering the

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The Day at Zuccotti Park -- and Beyond

Nov 16, 2011

Photo by Gail Robinson As protesters awaiting a court ruling, a heavy police presence kept anyone out of Zuccotti Park for much of the day Tuesday. Following the early morning police raid

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After Police Clear the Park, A Range of Reactions

Nov 16, 2011

Photo by the office of Mayor Michael Bloomberg Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly held a press conference Tuesday to explain why and how they cleared Zuccotti Park. But

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Who Judges the Judges?

Nov 15, 2011

Photo by Joe Gratz On June 8, 2009 -- the same day as the notorious State Senate coup -- a group of state senators began hearings on the Commission on Judicial

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Making Bikes a Part of the Neighborhood

Oct 25, 2011

Photo by nycstreets The brouhaha in the press about bike lanes seems to have subsided for now and the buzz has turned to New York City’s plan to launch the largest

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Doctor Sued for Mixing Sex and Psychology

Oct 18, 2011

When does a physician's sexual affair with his patient become medical malpractice? When he treats her for mental health issues, the New York State Supreme Court Appellate Division, Second Department

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In Case of Bank vs. Vet, Courts Rule for Service Member

Sep 21, 2011

Photo by Mark Chang A former Air Force reservist charged that Wachovia, now part of Wells Fargo, violated federal law when it essentially cut his pay and demoted him after he

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Constitution Lets Public Health Trump Religion, Judge Rules

Aug 16, 2011

Photo by Sanofi Pasteur All children entering school in New York state must be immunized from certain diseases. According to the state's Public Health Law, "No principal, teacher, owner or person in

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