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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

'Who's Your Daddy' and the Laws of Marriage

Jun 21, 2011

< Photo by Joao Saidler Like marriage itself, the laws of marriage are in constant flux. But one thing that has not changed is that a child born to a married woman

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Bloomberg Pushes For Control Of Juvenile Justice System

May 16, 2011

Photo provided by New York Public Library New York State reformatory, plumbing shop, circa 1921. Every year New York City sends of its most troubled teens hundreds of miles away, Far from

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Concerns Raised over City Role in Deporting Immigrants

May 04, 2011

Photo by Craig Hennecke Karen Barrueto created this artwork after visiting someone in a federal detention center for immigrants in south Texas. Growing up in Mexico City, Ricardo Muniz dreamed about being

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Prosecutors Grapple with Marijuana Arrests

Mar 29, 2011

Photo (cc) Curtis Gregory Perry Several years ago in a private conversation, a Fire Department paramedic explained the tension between the New York Police Department and EMS when their units respond

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Slicing the Fire Department

Mar 11, 2011

Photo (cc) xiaming In 2009, it was 16. In both 2010 and 2011, the magic number grew to 20. For the past three years, the Bloomberg administration has threatened to throw dozens of

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Court Considers Who's Responsible for False Confession

Mar 04, 2011

Photo (cc) mwalshhme What happens when a man says he's guilty of murder, but state-of-the-art-science says he's not? That is the question the New York Court of Appeals, the state's highest court,

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Building a Better Buildings Department

Feb 23, 2011

Photo by Jason Kuffer The Department of Buildings had issued 13 violations for this Manhattan site where a 2008 crane collapse killed seven people. The tragic deaths this month of two veteran

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Bloomberg Releases Preliminary Budget, Blames Albany

Feb 18, 2011

Photo (cc) Edward Reed This time he means business. Mayor Michael Bloomberg unveiled a $65.6 billion budget Thursday, the 10th of his tenure, which reduces spending by 0.4 percent and threatens for

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City Bail System Punishes the Poor, Report Finds

Dec 04, 2010

Photo by Mike Phillipens Human Rights Watch, known internationally for fighting degradation and institutional suffering among the people of Africa, Indonesia, Latin America and other developing areas of the world, has

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