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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Court Considers Who's Responsible for False Confession

Mar 04, 2011

Photo (cc) mwalshhme What happens when a man says he's guilty of murder, but state-of-the-art-science says he's not? That is the question the New York Court of Appeals, the state's highest court,

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Building a Better Buildings Department

Feb 23, 2011

Photo by Jason Kuffer The Department of Buildings had issued 13 violations for this Manhattan site where a 2008 crane collapse killed seven people. The tragic deaths this month of two veteran

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Bloomberg Releases Preliminary Budget, Blames Albany

Feb 18, 2011

Photo (cc) Edward Reed This time he means business. Mayor Michael Bloomberg unveiled a $65.6 billion budget Thursday, the 10th of his tenure, which reduces spending by 0.4 percent and threatens for

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City Bail System Punishes the Poor, Report Finds

Dec 04, 2010

Photo by Mike Phillipens Human Rights Watch, known internationally for fighting degradation and institutional suffering among the people of Africa, Indonesia, Latin America and other developing areas of the world, has

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Cuomo Could Shrink the Prison System His Father Built

Nov 22, 2010

Photo by Rupert Ganzer In one of his first acts as governor, Mario Cuomo helped negotiate an end to a hostage crisis at Sing Sing prison. Recently his son Andrew went

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Behind the Hate Crimes on Staten Island

Aug 23, 2010

Photo byThomas Good A recent rally against hate crimes on Staten island. Let’s start with this inescapable fact: If you are a Mexican immigrant living in Port Richmond on Staten Island you

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Closing of Subway Booths Raises Safety Concerns

Jul 02, 2010

Photo by BKabak In the wake of judge Saliann Scarpulla's decision that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority could not fire 260 token booth clerks and close subway station booths, the agency continues

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Following Brutal Crime, Flushing Looks Out for Its Safety

Jun 28, 2010

Photo by Meg McCarron A brutal rape and murder this spring has prompted some Flushing residents to wonder about the safety of their neighborhood. Susan Ma does not like to go out

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Bail Presents Tough Choices for Parents, Judge

Jun 15, 2010

Photo byludwg The purpose of bail in criminal cases was made clear last month at the United States courthouse in Brooklyn. The proceedings there also underscored what can happen when a

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