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Criminal Justice

Behind the Hate Crimes on Staten Island

Aug 23, 2010

Photo byThomas Good A recent rally against hate crimes on Staten island. Let’s start with this inescapable fact: If you are a Mexican immigrant living in Port Richmond on Staten Island you


Closing of Subway Booths Raises Safety Concerns

Jul 02, 2010

Photo by BKabak In the wake of judge Saliann Scarpulla's decision that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority could not fire 260 token booth clerks and close subway station booths, the agency continues


Bail Presents Tough Choices for Parents, Judge

Jun 15, 2010

Photo byludwg The purpose of bail in criminal cases was made clear last month at the United States courthouse in Brooklyn. The proceedings there also underscored what can happen when a


State Seeks to Expand DNA Database

Jun 11, 2010

Photo by ironmanixs A rendition of DNA on display at the Naturalis Museum in Leyden, The Netherlands. Tyrone Williams raped, sodomized, sexually assaulted and robbed more than seven women across three


Court Sets High Bar for 'Egregious

May 25, 2010

Squibs of California In New York State -- and in New York only -- a contested divorce requires proof of fault. One party must allege and prove that the other spouse's


The Price of Increased Surveillance

May 21, 2010

Photos by Andy Humm One of the dozens of cameras -- government and private -- that keep watch on Times Square. There are 82 police cameras and others cameras from stores trained


Cuts Burn Fire Department

May 10, 2010

Photo (cc) 2010 jamie_hladky A proposal to slash 20 fire companies from the Fire Department's ranks does more than irk firefighters. It burns them. A crowd of elected officials and firefighters gathered in

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