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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

State Seeks to Expand DNA Database

Jun 11, 2010

Photo by ironmanixs A rendition of DNA on display at the Naturalis Museum in Leyden, The Netherlands. Tyrone Williams raped, sodomized, sexually assaulted and robbed more than seven women across three


Court Sets High Bar for 'Egregious

May 25, 2010

Squibs of California In New York State -- and in New York only -- a contested divorce requires proof of fault. One party must allege and prove that the other spouse's


The Price of Increased Surveillance

May 21, 2010

Photos by Andy Humm One of the dozens of cameras -- government and private -- that keep watch on Times Square. There are 82 police cameras and others cameras from stores trained


Cuts Burn Fire Department

May 10, 2010

Photo (cc) 2010 jamie_hladky A proposal to slash 20 fire companies from the Fire Department's ranks does more than irk firefighters. It burns them. A crowd of elected officials and firefighters gathered in


Council, Courts End the 'Tenant Blacklist'

Apr 27, 2010

Photo 2010 Oates Ritthichai The term "blacklisting," usually associated with 1950's McCarthyism, has taken on a new meaning. The blacklisted in 21st century New York have been people applying for apartments


Police Need New Approach to Deal with the Mentaly Ill

Apr 06, 2010

/">http://www.flickr.com/photos/leia/ In 2008, New York City police arrived at the Bedford Stuyvesant home of Iman Morales, a 35-year old man with a psychiatric diagnosis. Distraught and naked, Morales had climbed out


Suits Would Burden Foster Parents, Court Rules

Mar 23, 2010

http://www.flickr.com/photos/katiecowden/ Jacob Harris was born in 2004, with traces of cocaine, opiates, marijuana and methadone in his body Dutchess County child welfare officials placed him with a foster mother, Diane Sherwood,


Fewer Prisoners, Fewer Prisons?

Mar 17, 2010

CC BY-SA 2.0 The Marcy Correctional Facility in upstate Oneida County. It seems simple. With prison populations declining and crime rates plummeting, Gov. David Paterson has proposed closing four upstate


How to Fix New York's State Police

Mar 05, 2010

billfromesm, Flickr When the New York Times revealed that state troopers had been part of an alleged effort by Gov. David Paterson's office to convince a woman not to

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