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Criminal Justice

How to Fight an International Landlord

Mar 16, 2009

Photo (cc) TAPorto In late 2007, East Harlem tenant, Victor Calentre opened his rent check to find an additional bill charging several hundred dollars for unspecified repairs he knew nothing about.


The Tough Battle to Repeal Tough Drug Laws

Mar 11, 2009

Photo (cc) llimllib "This is the year to reform the Rockefeller drug laws," Gov. David Paterson has just finished saying Tuesday morning in Albany. He stands before a crowd of hundreds


Court Upholds a Hole in 'Safety Net'

Mar 02, 2009

Photo (cc) Tracy Collins A woman at an anti-eviction block party in Bergen Hill, Brooklyn The New York Court of Appeals has ended years of litigation with its recent decision that the


Trying -- Again -- to Change the Drug Laws

Feb 04, 2009

Photo (c) >Sahu. Used with permission. For decades, activists have pressed leaders in New York State to repeal laws that mandate long sentences for drug offenders. The legislature has made some


Protection for Abuse Victims

Jan 23, 2009

Metro North Owners LLC v Sonya Thorpe appears, at first, to be a typical New York City landlord-tenant case. But it has resulted in an atypical dismissal of the eviction


Going Beyond the Maximum in a Gun Case

Dec 23, 2008

Photo (cc) Josh Mason The United States Court of Appeals in New York has upheld the sentence imposed by a federal judge although it was stiffer than the guidelines recommended for


Looking Ahead to the New Year

Dec 22, 2008

  Who would have guessed that our former governor would be caught up in a prostitution scandal or that Wall Street would have crumbled so dramatically? The prominent New Yorkers we asked


A President's New York Prosecutors

Oct 24, 2008

The two top federal prosecutors in New York City soon may be pondering their next career moves, especially if voters put a Democrat in the White House. If tradition holds,


Stated Meeting: Crane Safety Beefed Up

Sep 08, 2008

In the wake of another construction fatality last week, the City Council passed three bills Thursday aimed at increasing safety at building sites with cranes, including increasing coordination between operators


Guns, the Supreme Court and New York

Jul 28, 2008

Photo (cc) horizontal.integration After Rashawn Handsome of Brooklyn was arrested for keeping three handguns in a sneaker box in his apartment -- without any license for them -- his Legal Aid

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