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Rebuilding NYC

Rebuilding NYC

The Last $1.2 Billion

Feb 23, 2004

International attention has focused on the dramatic architectural plans for the World Trade Center site, and the unprecedented outpouring of public desire to be involved in key decisions. But, until

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Latest Economics News

Feb 23, 2004

Gotham Gazette Articles 9/11 Money Troubles (02/03/03)As authorities draw closer to deciding on a final design for Ground Zero, some wonder whether there is money to make any of the

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Twelve Ways to Improve the FDNY

Feb 23, 2004

September 11, 2001 made it clear that steps should be taken to help New York City firefighters do their jobs more safely and effectively. After spending 42 years of service

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Latest Security News

Feb 23, 2004

Gotham Gazette Articles Security in NYC(03/24/03) As the United States invasion of Iraq intensifies, New Yorkers are faced with competing concerns. In Operation Atlas and the Security of New York, Julia

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The Winning Plan

Feb 22, 2004

The design by architect Daniel Libeskind featuring a 1,776-foot spire and an open pit where the twin towers once stood was chosen Wednesday night as the final plan for the

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Pause, Reflect, Respect

Feb 22, 2004

On the same day that the mayor and the governor announced the creation of the Lower Manhattan Redevelopment Corporation, the chief of the Uniformed Firefighters Association was arrested while en

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Fast, Not Fancy -- And In Midtown, Not Downtown

Feb 22, 2004

It is terribly important that whatever is to be done to rebuild Manhattan be done rapidly. The rebuilding must not be delayed--or stopped dead--by the usual New York acrimony about

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Working Together Toward Recovery

Feb 22, 2004

The New York City Partnership recently issued a sector-by-sector report on the economic impact of the September 11th attack on our City. The findings of the report are sobering.

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Coping with Post-Traumatic Stress

Feb 21, 2004

Research shows that after most traumatic events about one in five people who are directly affected will develop long term symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. These can include sleeplessness,

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