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Rebuilding NYC

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Feb 24, 2003

Memorial Winner: Reflecting Absence"Reflecting Absence," the design by Michael Arad that features two pools of water with pine trees and a paved stone field, has been chosen to be the


Cultural Complex At Ground Zero

Feb 24, 2003

When museums, theaters, and other arts institutions were offered the chance to move to Ground Zero, they jumped at it. Between June and September, 113 organizations responded to the Lower


Public Hearings for Ground Zero

Feb 24, 2003

Testimonies From The Public Hearings At the public hearings, people from throughout the metropolitan region testified about the rebuilding downtown. Some criticized the public process, while others reacted to the specific


Money for Rebuilding

Feb 03, 2003

From the beginning, 9/11 has been a story about money. Terrorists attacked the Twin Towers because they symbolized finance and power. People from around the world responded to the attack


Gotham at War

Oct 28, 2002

Long before September 11th, the threat of terrorist acts kept New Yorkers in a panic and local authorities in a state of alert -- though not alert enough. In November, 1864,


Figuring Out The Memorial

Aug 19, 2002

When Anita Contini started her new job this month as the person in charge of the memorial at Ground Zero, one of her first acts was to announce an international


Memorialists vs. Rebuilders?

Jul 27, 2002

Author: Sandra Date: 07-27-02 03:23 I hate the idea of any type of rebuilding. A memorial park would be perfect!!! This is sacred ground & should be preserved in