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Rebuilding NYC

Give Us Back Our Neighborhood

Feb 28, 2003

On September 11th, I was standing in front of P.S. 234, where my eight-year-old son is a student, when the World Trade Center was attacked a few blocks away. Suddenly

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Competing to Design the 9/11 Memorial

Feb 27, 2003

Mario Gentile was one of 13,683 people from around the world who promised, by the 5 p.m. deadline on Monday, June 30th, to submit their designs for a 9/11 memorial

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A Resident's Hopes for the Memorial

Feb 27, 2003

As the 9/11 memorial jury prepares to sort through design applications for the international memorial competition, I continue think about what I want the memorial to be. While I have

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My Memorial

Feb 24, 2003

Unlike many people who lost someone on 9/11, I have been in a unique position to affect the memorial process from a variety of critical standpoints and to listen to

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A Good Work in Progress

Feb 24, 2003

The recently released Freedom Tower is a well thought out design, and a lot of issues have been addressed. That said, there are a few things that still need to

Links To Other Tributes and Remembrances

Feb 24, 2003

Online there are a number of sites with information about other projects and organizations devoted to remember 9/11, from memorial quilts to comic books. Find out more about these tributes

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The Memorial Jury

Feb 24, 2003

One is officially a genius; two have already been dismissed as political hacks. One designed the new Brooklyn Library for the Visual and Performing Arts; another was president of the

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The Top Rebuilding Stories of 2003

Feb 24, 2003

The Freedom Tower On December 19, Governor George Pataki announced plans for a 1,776 foot tall Freedom Tower to rise at Ground Zero. The design capped months of leaks to the press

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